The Estate Planning Team, Inc.

The Estate Planning Team, Inc. helps our clients step by step through each part of the planning process until their plan is complete. Listed below is a partial list of the services offered.

Pre-Retirement Planning -  step by step plan of what should be happening with your assets, income, expenses through your established retirement date, analysis of realistic retirement date, & in some cases we find people do not have to work as long as they intended

IRA, Roth, Income Tax Planning - Analysis, Recommendations & Implementation of a tax efficient distribution plan to minimize taxes on tax deferred assets, includes Roth Conversion analysis to maximize benefits, long term tax planning that ensure you are using all available tax laws & strategies.

Comprehensive Retirement & Tax Planning - Analysis, Design, Recommendations and Implementation of your retirement plan, includes all the areas of your financial life, determining realistic retirement date, retirement election analysis, spending & cash flow issues, long term tax planning that minimize cumulative tax liability, common financial disrupters, IRA/Roth & Income Tax Planning are included in this phase.

Comprehensive Estate Planning - Analysis, Design, Recommendations and Implementation, includes a plan to minimize passage costs & create your desired outcome, creates an easy hassle free passage for your heirs, creative distribution planning, ownership issues, gifting plan, wealth transfer strategies, trust funding,  maximizing your estate to your heirs without affecting your own lifestyle and much more!

OTHER SERVICES INCLUDE: Cash Flow/Maintenance of Lifestyle, Tax Efficient Income Tax Planning, Long Term Tax Planning, Wealth Transfer Planning, Business Income Tax/Succession Planning, Trust Funding, Maintenance for Irrevocable Trust, Post Mortem Administration, Intergenerational Planning, Charitable Gift Planning, Long Term Care Planning, Maintenance Planning of Existing Plans, Pension Election Analysis, BuyOut Analysis & Much more!

The Estate Planning Team, Inc. also has extensive experience and knowledge with helping people analyze their choices and options with regard to PERS, OPERS, STRS, FERS, DROP funds and PLOPS.
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