Our Services

The Estate Planning Team, Inc. helps our clients step by step through each part of the planning process. Listed below is a partial list of the services offered. We have both affordable comprehensive all inclusive retainer and hourly planning options.

Retirement Planning - For people who are working or who are already retired:  Plan of what should be happening with your assets, income, expenses  inflation & taxes while working & throughout your retirement, analysis of possible realistic retirement dates & if able to retire sooner than planned or spend more. Takes into account what growth rate is needed to accomplish your financial goals, retirement election & pension analysis, timing of social security to maximize benefits, spending & cash flow, tax planning that minimize overall tax liability, financial disrupters, IRA/Roth & Planning are included.

IRA, (Company Retirement Plan) Roth, Income Tax Planning -  A plan of how to contribute to these assets to maximize tax savings & then a tax efficient distribution plan to minimize overall taxes  includes Roth Conversion analysis, avoiding the RMD tax trap! Many people are not aware of the impact of the Secure Act 1.0 and 2.0 and what opportunities or potential problems may be available. 

 Estate Planning -Plan to minimize passage costs & an easy hassle free passage to heirs, creative distribution planning, ownership issues, gifting plan, wealth transfer strategies, trust funding,  maximizing estate to heirs without affecting lifestyle! Includes coordinating with an attorney.

OTHER SERVICES INCLUDE: Cash Flow/Maintenance of Lifestyle/Spending, Tax Efficient  Tax Planning , Wealth Transfer Planning, Long Term Care Planning, Underutilized Asset Analysis & Recommendations including review of annuity or life insurance, Income Replacement Needs Analysis Intergenerational Planning, Charitable Gift Planning,  Maintenance Planning of Existing Plans, Social Security Analysis, Pension Election or Buyout Analysis, & more!

The Estate Planning Team, Inc. also has extensive experience and knowledge with helping people analyze their choices and options with regard to PERS, OPERS, STRS, FERS, DROP funds and PLOPS.